Austrian Fans Mugged Before Irish Compatriots Come To The Rescue

Austrian Fans Mugged Before Irish Compatriots Come To The Rescue

Earlier today two Austrian fans were robbed as they toured the streets of Dublin 8 on their way to the Guinness Storehouse. In the snatch and grab, the pair were separated from both their wallets and the golden match tickets for the Ireland game. Word quickly spread on to the social networks about their plight and what started with one kind of well known Irish hospitality ended with the exact opposite as it's claimed the two lads are sitting enjoying a rake of free pints in Temple Bar.

As soon as the story appeared on facebook the charitable ball started to roll..austrian fans mugged


The story then cropped up on popular fans forum where the money started to roll in. Over 50 people have so far reached into their own pocket to donate to the fund, with the FAI apparently already having stumped up a few tickets.

Football fans are often the first in line when it comes to bad press but the spirit of Poznan is strong in these supporters. Somewhere tonight John Delaney should be taking his shoes off for them.


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