Mick McCarthy Is An Internet Superstar

Mick McCarthy Is An Internet Superstar

A never ending supply of managerial entertainment

We discovered our favourite new GIF of Mick McCarthy this morning where the man himself makes tea with ridiculous suave.

And then it hit us, the man is an internet superstar.

Robbie Keane's late equaliser against Ze Germans made for one of our favourite Mick GIFs...the Eye Pop.



This was the moment the people found out Mick McCarthy could see dead people


He really enjoyed a goal against Man United as well... (small fist-pump)


 An old classic the 'one in the hole'.... Mick loves himself a bit of smut.




Wanting to fulfill the perfect 'one in the hole' formation he looked at Beyonce or Rhianna as a perfect option


Did Mick get a haircut for this press conference??


This reporter could have thought of a better question to ask...cue McCarthy sarcastic rant



Who can forget the reaction to the Keane, O'Neill appointment, or lack thereof


Here's one way to finish a press conference in style


There's something hypnotic about this version of Careless Whisper


No matter what the situation he embraces anything that comes at him

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