Which Ex-Footballer Now Investigates Human Traffickers And Drug Dealers?

Which Ex-Footballer Now Investigates Human Traffickers And Drug Dealers?

Many of you will remember former Wigan and Portsmouth centre back Arjan De Zeeuw. He was a solid player who enjoyed a decent career in England but now he has changed tact completely. According to the BBC, De Zeeuw is now a detective in training who will specialise in human trafficking and drug cases.

"It was never my intention to put my feet up after playing - I like to use my brain a little bit.

I thought about a career in medicine but when I discovered it would take eight years before I could practise, I turned my attention elsewhere.

I'm what is known as a detective in training. I'm involved in cases now and I should be fully qualified by the end of the summer. Eventually I want to specialise in forensics."

You can really picture De Zeeuw working the beat in the red light district in Amsterdam. But he hasn't completely forgotton his roots, he his the captain of the Dutch police football team.

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