Jordi Murphy Accidentally Gave Away His Six Nations Medal

Jordi Murphy Accidentally Gave Away His Six Nations Medal

The Irish rugby team were met by a large crowd of fans at Dublin airport on Sunday when they returned home from Paris as Six Nations champions.

One of those fans was 13-year-old Stephen Murphy, he met Jordi Murphy as he was about to board to team bus and asked the Leinster backrow if he had any momento for him. Recognising the fan from previous meetings, Murphy gave his namesake a hoodie. Contained within the pocket of the top was the Irish player's Six Nations winners medal.

After getting a picture of his grandmother with the medal, the young Irish fan insisted that him and his father return it to Jordi Murphy at the Four Seasons hotel.

Stephen Murphy's father recounted the story on Newstalk's Breakfast Show.

Kieran Murphy talks about Jordi Murphy's lost Six Nations medal by

Jordi Murphy also tweeted out a picture of his reunion with the medal.

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