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Baseball Player Takes On Whole Team In Brawl

Baseball Player Takes On Whole Team In Brawl

There's a standard script to baseball brawls. A hitter is generally upset with some dangerous pitching, words are exchanged to the pitcher and the catcher, the umpire removes his mask in a state of panic, the bat is dropped, fists are clenched, bodies collide, benches clear.

There was a big brawl during last night's game between divisional rivals the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cincinnati Reds that completely ripped up the script of your standard schemozzle. Tensions were high as the Pirates ran up the score on the Reds. In the 9th inning, they boiled over. Pitcher Amir Garrett of the Reds was being pulled for the game, and decided he wasn't heading to the showers without taking on the whole Pirates team.
View the footage below.

Extended footage is below. Note that Red player Yaisel Puig, who revives the brawl, was actually traded during the game from the Reds to the Cleveland Indians.


Donny Mahoney

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