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Watch: Emotional Becky Lynch Announces She's Pregnant

Watch: Emotional Becky Lynch Announces She's Pregnant

Becky Lynch's mysterious absence for the last month of WWE programming last night was finally explained on last night's episode of Monday Night Raw.

Irishwoman Lynch was on the verge of celebrating a record 400 days as Raw Women's Champion but hasn't been seen in the ring since Wrestlemania.

Last night, she emotionally announced that she would be "going away for a while", before the moment killing introduction of Asuka, who Becky would announce as her replacement as champion.

After Asuka had her celebration, Becky dropped the bomb on why she could no longer compete.

""You go and be a warrior, 'cause I'm gonna go be a mother."


It was one of those classic wrestling moments that would have felt a lot less weird if it was in front of an actual audience instead of an empty arena, but even so, Becky was able to deliver one of the best TV moments for the WWE since the lockdown began.

She later told People magazine that her baby is due in December. Lynch (real name Rebecca Quin) is engaged to be married to fellow WWE Superstar Seth Rollins.

Quin was born in Limerick but grew up in Baldoyle in Dublin and began wrestling in Ireland as Rebecca Knox. In 2013, she moved to the States to join WWE becoming Becky Lynch and quickly emerged as one of the stars of their so-called "women's revolution." She became the unlikely leader of that revolution in the summer of 2018 when a groundswell of fan support forced WWE to change their storylines, pushing Lynch front and centre.

At Wrestlemania in 2019, Lynch made history by taking part in and winning the first ever Wrestlemania main event featuring a women's match.



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