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Video: There Was A Batshit Mental Ending To Monday Night Football


Two of the NFL's worst teams this season met on Monday Night Football in what was expected to be a dismal game.

The Ravens and Browns went into the clash with records of 3-7 and 2-8 respetively.

Despite the atriciousness of their seasons, the pair provided some fairly entertaining fare - especially at the end.

With the score tied at 27-27, the Ravens turned the ball over in their own half. Just 55 seconds remained for the Browns to get into position for a game winning field goal.

They progressed far enough to give themselves a chance.


What happened next led to Cleveland's official account tweeting this:

A kick from winning the game, a miss from it going to overtime - the Browns lost when Travis Coons' field goal attempt was blocked and Will Hill returned for a decisive touchdown. It was a moment of barely comprehensible despair for Browns fans. Watch out for the fan tearing his shirt apart below. 

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