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8 Reasons Why A Casual Fan Should Watch The NFL Draft

8 Reasons Why A Casual Fan Should Watch The NFL Draft

While most of you are casual fans of the NFL and the draft and won't even consider sitting up tonight to watch it. We would ask you to reconsider when you read about some of the more interesting people and stories that might be on your television later on tonight.

If you need a little context, need a team or a storyline or a coach to root for then have a read through our list of why you should watch the NFL Draft.

Brashad Perriman and the Croke Park catch

This first play in this video happened in Croke Park last year and the wide receiver who caught it is expected to go within the top 10 picks of the draft.

Ameer Abdullah is good at hide and seek

This guy, Ameer Abdullah, was so good at hide and seek when he was younger that they couldn't find him even when the game had ended at times:

He was so little they lost track of him once. The three youngest kids were playing hide-and-seek. Ameer curled up in the back of a long, narrow kitchen cabinet meant for pots and pans. Somehow, the other kids got distracted and abandoned the game, and suddenly, Ameer was missing. No one could imagine where he had gone, and his brother Kareem panicked, thinking he'd been kidnapped.

He is not bad at catching and running either, to his credit.

Jameis Winston and the crab legs incident

The consensus number one pick in the draft, Jameis Winston found himself in all kinds of hot water last season when he allegedly stole crab legs from a local convenience store.


The incident was never truly explained but he did try his best to explain why he took them to former NFL head coach Jim Harbaugh in this surreal video.

Shaq Thompson is an all rounder

Remember when you were young and you were the best player in your class and they couldn't decide your best position because you were so good at all of them. No? Neither do we but Shaq Thomspon does and he still has this problem.

He plays as a running back, defensive back and a linebacker and there is massive debate as to where he should be played in the NFL.

Chip Kelly uses remote control cars at training

The Philadelphia Eagles head coach claims Irish heritage and he is a game changer. When he is not changing the game, he is thinking of ways to be innovative and change the game.

He believes there is a "lot of science" behind the music selection that a team hears in the dressing room and during practises. He plays everything from ACDC and Ozzy Osbourne to Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida. He also believes in personalised smoothies.

He is like Brendan Rodgers on steroids and he also uses remote control cars at training with videos on them to get a better view of everything. Expect something different from the Eagles during the draft along with plenty of talk about the innovative Kelly.

John Fox has roots in Tipperary

The new head coach of the Chicago Bears has Irish roots, Tipperary to be precise, and they pick seventh so it won't even be too late by the time you get a chance to see who they chose.

Jack Nicklaus' Grandson is a Tight End

Nick O'Leary from Florida State will not go in the first day of the draft but he will be drafted at some stage. He has winning pedigree.

Oh, and his finishing move is a suplex.

Kaelin Clay was a part of the dumbest play ever

This would be the equivalent of missing an open goal on the line or missing a three inch gimme in golf. What made matters worse was that the ball was still active and the other team brought it back for a touchdown. So technically it is not just like missing an open goal. It is like missing an open goal before scoring an own goal.

Business in the front..Party in the back

There is a man who will be drafted that looks like this.

If a mullet that exceptional does;t

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