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Dennis Rodman Appeared At The Singapore Summit In Very Typical Dennis Rodman Fashion

Dennis Rodman Appeared At The Singapore Summit In Very Typical Dennis Rodman Fashion

If you were born after the year 1990, it's possible that you know nothing of Dennis Rodman's basketball career. The NBA star had an incredible career, winning five championship rings during his 14 years in the league. He was an All-Star on two occasions and was part of the legendary Chicago Bulls of the mid to late nineties that featured Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. To put it mildly, he had a bloody great career.

Ever since his time as a professional sportsman ended however, he has become notorious for non-basketball reasons. So many reasons.

Aside from his legal troubles and alcohol issues, appearing on multiple reality television shows (including Celebrity Big Brother), taking part in Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling event on TV (and winning it, of course) ten years ago, he has become notorious for his involvement in political issues.

Since 2013 "Rodzilla" has visited North Korea on several occasions, as the country's leader Kim Jong-un is believed to be a huge fan of basketball. Rodman considers the North Korean to be a "friend for life".

In 2016 Rodman also revealed that he is a Donald Trump supporter, so it should surprise no one that the former NBA champion turned up at the Singapore summit where Kim and the US President have been trying to come to an agreement over the denuclearisation of the Asian peninsula.

Rodman does not just "show up" at anything, however. He likes to make his presence well-known, and this time was no different, turning up in a t-shirt promoting a cannabis cryptocurrency and a MAGA hat. We're not sure what a cannabis cryptocurrency is, but naturally enough Twitter ate the whole thing up.


Not everyone was happy with Rodman getting so much air time around the event.


Rodman has received criticism for his support of both Kim and Trump over the years, claiming he has even gotten death threats. Nonetheless the coming together of the two leaders is somewhat of a vindication for the former basketball player. In 2013 Rodman tried to convince then-US President Barack Obama to reach out to the North Korean leadership, but says he was "blown off" by the administration.

Bizarrely Trump ruled out ever meeting with the North Korean leader in a tweet sent two years before he even won the presidency.


In an interview with CNN on Monday, Rodman got emotional, saying that it was an "amazing" thing that happened while trying to hold back the tears.

The hate mail is slowly replaced with a deluge of memes, in another very 2018 development.



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