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Gus Johnson's Commentary Of 109-Yard Kick Six Was Brilliant Fun

Gus Johnson's Commentary Of 109-Yard Kick Six Was Brilliant Fun

One of the wilder NFL plays you'll ever see took place yesterday in the game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jamal Agnew of Jacksonville ran 109 yards to the house, tying the record for the longest play in NFL history. It's the Cardinals who were attempting to break an NFL record, as kicker Matt Prater lined up a 68-yard field goal attempt, which would have smashed the current record of 64 yards.

With two seconds left in the half as well, the chances of anything bad happening to the Cardinals were slim. In the NFL, defenses can return attempted field goals that fall short of the goalposts. Jamal Agnew of the Jags was on hand to catch the field goal as it fell short, and the rest is history. It's what they call a kick six in the NFL.

The longest play in NFL History

109 yards to the house! Given the size of an American football pitch, 109 yards is the longest possible yardage that can be achieved on a play. Agnew joins Antonio Cromartie and Cordarelle Patterson as the only players to make a 109 yard play.

Even better, legendary commentator Gus Johnson was on call as well and he didn't disappoint. The commentator went wild as Agnew road the attempted tackles and went down the sideline. Johnson is back commentating NFL games for the first time since 2010 and it's for moments like this.


The sportscaster has many famous calls but nothing can beat the drama in the Bengals vs Broncos match back in 2009.

Ten minutes of Gus Johnson basketball commentary is the best possible way to spend a Monday.


Amazingly, hours later, Justin Tucker would succeed where Prater failed and broke the record for the longest kick in NFL history.

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