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One Of Wrestling's Greatest Romances Is Over

One Of Wrestling's Greatest Romances Is Over

Not since Debra smacked Stone Cold Steve Austin with a cookie tray has the break-up of a couple devastated wrestling fans quite this much: after six years together, John Cena and Nikki Bella have gone their separate ways.

The announcement ruins one of the all-time greatest WrestleMania moments, which saw Cena propose to his long-time girlfriend in the middle of the ring on WWE's grandest stage almost exactly a year ago.


In fact, it just goes to show true love doesn't exist and nothing lasts forever. In ring proposals seem to have an especially negative effect in real life relationships. Less than a year after this famous moment, wrestling's most famous couple separated.


The build-up to Cena's and Bella's eventual engagement played out on the company's programming, with the two wrestlers starring on Total Divas, and spin-off show Total Bellas, which created quality television such as this:


The 16-time WWE champion had been reticent to get married again having divorced from his previous wife of three years in 2012, and Nikki Bella's desire to tie the knot was one of the show's biggest storylines.

John Cena posted this on his Instagram account after the news was announced.


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This being wrestling of course, some might wonder whether this is presaging Cena's long overdue heel turn.

It's been a devastating week for Cena who was trounced by a geriatric Undertaker at WrestleMania 34. One wonders where his head was at as he was being beaten by an injury-addled 53-year-old in a veritable squash match.

Nikki Bella is the twin sister of fellow professional wrestler Brie Bella. She is married to Daniel Bryan, who recently returned to action following a three year layoff due to injury. It has grappling fans pondering the in-ring possibilities following Sunday's news.

There are bigger concerns coming out of this, however. Such as, is love real anymore? Is anything real?

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