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Man Falls Asleep In America, Sues MLB For $10m

Man Falls Asleep In America, Sues MLB For $10m

In a glaringly unusual case, a New Yorker brought a defamation suit against Major League Baseball broadcasters Dan Shulman and John Kruk for their "avalanche of disparaging words", after they spotted him asleep during the 4th innings of the Yankee's vs the Red Sox.

Andrew Robert Rector admitted that he "briefly slept" while in attending the April 13 game between the rivals, and when ESPN cameras caught him sleeping during the fourth inning, the Sunday Night Baseball announcers launched into what he described as an "unending verbal crusade" against him, with their "vituperative utterances" redistributed on the MLB website the following day.

He's not the first person to fall asleep during a game of baseball and he won't be the last.

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Cathal Austin

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