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NBA Stars Start Social Media War After On Court Brawl Last Night

NBA Stars Start Social Media War After On Court Brawl Last Night

The NBA season is back in full swing, with most team having played at least three games at this stage. There have been some notable storylines to emerge from the opening week or so, including the fall of the Warriors and the LeBron-Davis Lakers.

However, this is probably the biggest talking point of the season so far.

The Philadelphia 76ers hosted the Minnesota Timberwolves last night, a game which featured two of the NBA's premier young big men in Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns. The 76ers would emerge victorious on a 117-95 win, but neither of those two players would finish the game.

The pair became involved in an off-ball brawl in the third quarter, with members of both teams becoming involved. Unsurprisingly, both players were ejected from the game.

Breaking out his best Khabib impression, Ben Simmons even tried to get Towns in a chokehold.


Towns tapped far too easily there. The feud between the two did not end at the final buzzer, with both soon taking to social media to continue their war of words.

The Timberwolves centre was the first to post, calling the Cameroon native out for his previous comments about being raised with lions. He also included a picture of Embiid crying after the Sixers' post-season exit at the hands of the Raptors last season.


Embiid soon replied, calling out Towns' lack of play-off success. He tweeted a screenshot of the comment, which the Minnesota man had apparently deleted from his post.

These two teams will meet once more this season, with the 76ers going to Minneapolis on March 25th. We definitely haven't heard the end of this one.

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