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Ref Appears To Force Contact With Linebacker In Bizarre NFL Game

Ref Appears To Force Contact With Linebacker In Bizarre NFL Game

In the fourth quarter of last night's NFL matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Bears, a strange and controversial moment occurred.

With the Bears trailing the Steelers by three points deep in the fourth quarter, Chicago appeared to make a massive stop when linebacker Cassius Marsh sacked Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger on third down. However, referee Tony Corrente flagged Marsh for taunting after the play, giving Pittsburgh an automatic first down.

Marsh was stunned. However things got weirder when TV footage showed Corrente appearing to stick out his rear end into the path of the Chicago linebacker, and cause contact between himself and Marsh, just before he threw the flag.

This left many fans are wondering whether Corrente was trying to get Marsh into more serious trouble for making contact with a referee.


In his post-game interview Marsh was adamant that he wasn’t taunting saying that, “I think it’s pretty clear to everybody who saw it that I wasn’t taunting.”

“All like you know I’ve been doing this celebration my whole career.”

The celebration that Marsh is referring to is the roundhouse kick you can see in the video of the incident.

Marsh also spoke of the contact Corrente made with him and called it “incredibly inappropriate.”


The Steelers would end up kicking a field goal with that possession, and as they won the game by two points. it could be argued that this call cost the Bears the game.

Comments from referee Tony Corrente that he made to a reporter after the game, sum up his view of the incident.

“Keep in mind that taunting is a point of emphasis this year.”

“With that said, I saw the player, after he made a big play, run toward the bench area of the Pittsburgh Steelers and posture in such a way that I felt he was taunting them.”

“That had nothing to do with it (when referring to the contact with Marsh), it was the taunting aspect.

The incident had fans in uproar, not only for the contact issue but for the flag for the apparent taunting from Marsh.

See some of the reaction below.



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