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The Rejected Pornhub Super Bowl Commercial (SFW)

The Rejected Pornhub Super Bowl Commercial (SFW)

This time next week, we will be full to the brim with expensive ads that took pride of place during Murica's greatest sporting Sunday. This morning you can view one of those that didn't make the cut, an advert for a porn site of some repute, and not even the mention of a nip slip.

Super Bowl TV network CBS has stepped up its defensive line ahead of this Sunday's big game, blocking a proposed multi-million dollar commercial from CBS spokesperson offered this brief response via email to the website's proposal: "CBS Television Network Standards do not permit advertising related to pornography. Therefore, we cannot accept your submission."
Pornhub Vice President Corey Price said: "The Super Bowl is the Holy Grail of ad spots and given our website's huge following in the US, we developed a G-rated commercial that we felt would meet the network's advertising standards." in the Rejected pornhub commercial statement


This is most likely a well played publicity stunt by the adult entertainment kingpins as the likelihood of them actually affording the reported $3.8m costs associated with Superbowl advertising is pretty damn low. Well played pornhub.

Hal LaRoux
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Former child and failed 110m hurdler.

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