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Report: Patrick Mahomes Agrees To TEN-Year Contract With Chiefs

Report: Patrick Mahomes Agrees To TEN-Year Contract With Chiefs

Grand if you can get it.

While everyone was right raving about Lamar Jackson during the 2019 regular season, Patrick Mahomes reminded everyone why he is still the top quarterback in the game during the playoffs. He led the Kansas City Chiefs to a first Super Bowl triumph, playing some incredible football along the way.

The rivalry between Mahomes and Jackson looks as though it has the potential to dominate the league for the next decade. It is mad to think that they only have five years of NFL experience between them.

Still on their rookie contracts, both players are still earning relatively little money in comparison to the highest paid players in the NFL. That is about to change.

Entering his fourth year in the NFL, Mahomes is now eligible to sign a massive extension with the Chiefs. It was expected that this deal would make him the highest paid player in the history of the NFL, but the details that are emerging surrounding the contract are shocking.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Mahomes is set to sign a ten-year contract with Kansas City.



The contract, which would take him through until the end of the 2031 season, would mean Mahomes is tied to the Chiefs for at least the next 12 seasons.

While the amount the player will earn has not been leaked as of yet, this will easily be the largest contract in NFL history. The current record is the five-year, $150million deal signed by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan in 2018.

The highest annual salary in the league is earned by Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson, who earned $35million.

At 24-years old, he is certainly worth the investment.

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