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Shane McMahon's Suffered A Mad Belly Button Injury After Jumping Off Hell In A Cell

Shane McMahon's Suffered A Mad Belly Button Injury After Jumping Off Hell In A Cell

The first question you're probably going to ask in relation to Shane McMahon's jump off a cell is "Which of the jumps are we talking about?" That is not a question you'd need to ask about nearly every other human on the planet.

Today's story regards Wrestlemania 32 and his match against the Undertaker. The pair faced off in a Hell in a Cell match that featured McMahon leaping from the top of the cell and crashing through the announce table below after the Undertaker moved out of the way.

Here is it again to refresh your memory.

It was an unforgettable moment but it was not without its consequences. With the WWE's documentary Undertaker: The Last Ride now in the middle of its weekly run, McMahon sat down with ESPN to talk about a man he describes as "probably my best friend in the business."

Within the ghost written column, McMahon tells the story of the jump at Wrestlemania and reveals what happened when he hit the table: "I blew my belly button out -- an umbilical hernia -- because I hit so hard [on impact]. I didn't expect that force to be that hard. But oh my god, it was."


So he went from an innie to an outtie? We need answers goddamit! McMahon also spoke about how Taker was not in favour of him performing the jump, but McMahon felt it was exactly what the match needed:

This is what the story needs. It was David vs. Goliath, and you're expecting David is just going to be killed. In that match, I had exhausted everything in my toolbox to try and win. This is what WrestleMania needs.

Was it worth it worth though? McMahon doesn't seem to regret it: "We knew we had it all the way through the match, just based on the reaction. He was happy with it when it was over."

Te full article is here and McMahon features heavily in the aforementioned documentary, which you can catch every Sunday night on the WWE Network.

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