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Stunning Upset As Eagles Beat Patriots In Super Bowl 2018

Stunning Upset As Eagles Beat Patriots In Super Bowl 2018

The Philadelphia Eagles have won their first Super Bowl title after beating the New England Patriots in what was an absolutely sensational game. With all eyes on U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota, the game became a shoot-out between Tom Brady and Nick Foles and unbelievably, Foles won out.

The final score was Patriots 33 Eagles 41 with the Eagles full value for their victory. So many surprise elements of their success will be trawled over in the coming weeks; Doug Pederson's genius calls, Foles incredible performance or Brady's last-gasp shortcoming.

For the first time in the Belichick era, the Patriots scored in the opening quarter landing a straightforward three. However, it was the Eagles who drew true first blood with a barnstorming running back run from LeGarrette Blount.

After a Patriots trick-play backfired when Brady went to receive the ball but couldn't keep his hands on it, the Eagles ran a similar genius play right before half-time which saw Nick Foles, filling in for the injured Carson Wentz, go wide and land a superb touchdown.


The first-half was one of the most entertaining in Superbowl memory, whether it be the creative plays or 'unique' running strategies.

However, right on cue. The Patriots slowly pulled it back and in the fourth quarter took the lead for the first time.


But the Eagles never panicked. They recovered their lead with an excellent touchdown before forcing a fumble to ultimately win the game.

The game was a straight offensive battle that set the all-time record for most combined yards in an NFL playoff game, but the juggernaut of Brady and Belichick failed to secure their sixth Lombardi Trophy.

The game, and the Superbowl, belongs to Philly. You just know that they'll enjoy it.

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