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The Only Way To Behave When 26,000 Teddy Bears Are Thrown At You

The Only Way To Behave When 26,000 Teddy Bears Are Thrown At You

Calgary Hitmen winger Pavlo Padakin celebrates scoring the 'Teddy Bear Toss' goal

One of North America's more off-the-wall but nicer sporting traditions is the Teddy Bear Toss, which takes place around Christmas at a number of minor league ice-hockey games.

Fans bring stuffed toys to a designated game and throw them onto the ice when their team scores their first goal of the game. The toys are then gathered up and donated to local charities.

The Calgary Hitmen held their 19th annual toss last weekend and for the second year in a row, the Teddy Bear Toss goal was scored by Hitmen winger Pavlo Padakin - though he made fans wait until the second period before breaking the deadlock.

Cue the madness as over 17,000 fans threw almost 26,000 stuffed toys onto the ice (falling 1,000 bears below the previous record, set by the Hitmen in 2007). And amidst the madness, the Ukranian goal-scorer celebrated by doing snow angels.


GIF: Buzzfeed GIF: Buzzfeed

And here's a view from the top of the arena, complete with footage of the cleanup operation, in which pickup trucks are driven onto the ice to collect the bears.

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