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Watch: Bill Belichick "Mic'd Up" For Win Vs Dolphins Is Absolutely Fascinating

Watch: Bill Belichick "Mic'd Up" For Win Vs Dolphins Is Absolutely Fascinating

Pep Guardiola's passionate and downright aggressive encouragement for Nathan Redmond served as a reminder as to why the Premier League will not be introducing the 'Mic'd Up' feature of their live-match coverage, but thankfully that intrusion is thrust upon coaches and players in the NFL every week.

Last weekend, for the New England Patriots convincing win over the Miami Dolphins, legendary coach Bill Belichick was asked have his every word and action recorded by the NFL's media team.

While there was no major outburst or elaborate celebrations to be seen as his team meticulously picked apart their opponent with touchdowns in every quarter, seven in total, it was still fascinating to watch Belichick and how he operates on a Sunday.

Here are some of the things we immediately noticed that we thought were worth noting:

-Bill Belichick does not give a shit about touchdowns. This is a man who will give a fist-pump for a defensive play, and go nuts for a blocked field goal, but he looks like he's almost upset when his team scores a touchdown. Priorities.

-The man keeps a pen in his sock. Despite wearing a pair of trousers with two pockets, a jacket with two pockets, and a hoodie with a pouch, Bill Belichick keeps his pen in his sock.


-Praise is earned, and really means something. There's no butt-slaps for routine plays, Belichick picks his moments to congratulate a player and you can tell that it carries more weight when he does as a result.

-His players have a healthy fear of him. #29 apologising for celebrating next to his coach is so funny that even Bill himself had a laugh.

A master at work. The stats mentioned at the start of the video do a decent job of getting across how incredibly consistently successful his teams are, but the total apathy to his team's success is what really makes you realise how used to winning he is.

The Pats already have the AFC East wrapped up with a 9-2 record having won 7 in a row, and Bill we be getting his troops ready for a crack at claiming back-to-back Super Bowl wins.

Mikey Traynor

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