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Watch: Donald Trump Hasn't A Clue What The Words To The American National Anthem Are

Watch: Donald Trump Hasn't A Clue What The Words To The American National Anthem Are

Not a breeze!

The American president Donald Trump attended the College football National Championship game last night. It's one of the biggest events in American sport. This year, perennial winners Alabama overcame Georgia in an all-time classic played out in Atlanta.

Above the game though, the presence of Trump, as it does, stole most of the headlines.

Firstly, the arrival of the players on the field brought the president centre stage.  Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough made his feelings known, shouting "FUCK TRUMP!" as he ran out onto field.



Then, when Trump made his entrance on the field, he was roundly booed, despite the stadium being full of what you would expect to be a largely conservative crowd from Alabama and Georgia.

Then came the national anthem - the song that Trump has used as a political football (excuse the pun) for the last few months. After months of criticising NFL players for their protesting of the anthem, this was his chance to stand up and practice what he preaches. Unfortunately, he never bothered his hole learning the words in his 71 years of being a proud American patriot.


The results were hilarious.


On Donald Trump's favourite platform, people were quick to point out the hilarity and the hypocrisy of the situation.


The game itself was a classic. Alabama beat Georgia, playing at home in Atlanta, with a walkoff touchdown in overtime, completing a comeback from 20-7 down. It's their fifth national title in nine years.

The Alabama coach Nick Saban made an incredibly brave/cruel move at half time, when trailing 13-0, replacing his quarterback Jalen Hurts with backup Tua Tagovailoa, who went on to throw three touchdowns, including the game winner in overtime.

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