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Watch: Incredible Punt Return In Alabama-LSU Game

Watch: Incredible Punt Return In Alabama-LSU Game

One of the biggest games of the college football calendar is taking place this evening in Tuscaloosa, Alabama as #1 ranked LSU played #2 ranked Alabama in an absolutely huge SEC game that will have a massive outcome on shaping the course of this season. We've already seen one truly incredible piece of athleticism. Alabama's Jaylen Waddle, the best punt returner in America, took an LSU punt deep in his own end, somehow evaded a wild attempt to remove his head, sprinted over to the far sideline and managed to elude the rest of the LSU coverage team to find his way into the end zone.

It looks even crazier from the camera behind the goal posts.

It's a piece of truly top class athleticism. It's amazing his head is still on his shoulders, how he made it to the end zone, we'll never know.


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