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Watch: Rob Gronkowski's Mad WWE Walk Was So Strange Without Fans

Watch: Rob Gronkowski's Mad WWE Walk Was So Strange Without Fans

While most sports around the world have completely come to a halt, some are continuing on behind closed doors. One of those is the WWE, who have opted to continue with their schedule in the absence of fans.

For a business that is dependant on the live reactions of fans in order to increase its entertainment value, this was always going to be a challenge. This becomes even more pronounced when the promotion is building up to Wrestlemania, their biggest event of the year.

Wrestlemania was set to take place in Tampa, Florida on April 5th, but the event will no longer take place in the city due to the coronavirus. Instead, it will be held over two nights without fans in a number of different behind closed doors locations, including the WWE Performance Centre in Orlando.

It certainly won't be the same, as was evidenced last night.

Former NFL star Rob Gronkowski has recently signed a contract with the WWE and is set to present Wrestlemania. He made an appearance on Friday Night Raw, but despite giving a typically energetic entrance, it was all a bit surreal without a crowd present.



Gronkowski is likely to have a big role in the organisation going forward having retired from the NFL in 2019. Many expected him to return to the Patriots at some point, but having sat out all of last season, that seems increasingly unlikely.

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