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Where To Watch AEW In Ireland - Everything You Need To Know

Where To Watch AEW In Ireland - Everything You Need To Know

The wrestling world has been given a welcome breath of fresh excitement with the launch of All Elite Wrestling's new weekly TV show in the US on TNT but how do we watch it on these shores? Below we have all the details on where to watch AEW in Ireland and the UK, and what to expect from the newest competitor to the WWE.

Where to watch AEW in Ireland and the UK

AEW's PPV events and weekly TV show AEW: Dynamite will be shown in Ireland across the ITV channels. Initially, ITV announced that the full weekly show would not air until Sunday mornings but after a backlash from fans they have announced a new schedule:

  • The full weekly show will be available to view on the ITV Hub from 7pm on Thursdays
  • The full two hour show will also air on ITV4 at 11:20pm on Fridays and again at 8:20am on Sundays
  • A one hour weekly highlights show will be broadcast every Monday night on ITV at 11:45pm
  • Pay-Per-View events such as Full Gear will be available to watch live on ITV Box Office

Tony Khan, President of AEW, also stated that they are working on a live viewing solution for the Wednesday night show in the UK. Whether that will include Ireland remains to be seen.


How to get ITV on Sky in Ireland

If you are a Sky customer you have to add the ITV channels manually by going to 'Settings' on your Sky Box. Then go to 'manual tuning' and input the codes below

HD Version

ITV London HD - 11097 - V - DBV-S2 - 8PSK - 23000

SD Version

ITV London - 10758 - V - DBV-S - QPSK - 22000 - 5/6



What is AEW?

If you're a wrestling fan who's not familar with AEW then you definitely need to check it out. All Elite Wrestling has been growing a huge fanbase since it began with just a few PPV and live events.

After the success of the independent All In event in 2018 rumours of a new wrestling promotion began to circulate and sure enough, on 1 January 2019, it was announced that the Khan family would be launching All Elite Wrestling, with Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks joining as competitors and executive vice-presidents.

Over the the next nine months, its roster grew to include the likes of Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley. and it was announced that on October 2nd they would be launching a weekly TV show, with the legendary Jim Ross and Tony Shiavone on commentary.

Will it be able to compete with the might of WWE - who incidentally have launched a weekly NXT TV show on Wednesday nights - only time will tell but we are definitely excited.

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