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The Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of One Of The Super Bowl's Ballsiest Ever Calls

There were some ballsy calls made by the Philadelphia Eagles during their first ever Super Bowl victory on Sunday night.

Going for it on fourth and one with the ball in their own half and 5:40 left in the final quarter is right up there. That was the drive which led to Zach Ertz's game-winning touchdown.

That was not the only fourth down on which they chose not to kick. At the end of the first half, leading by three, quarterback Nick Foles caught a touchdown pass on a trick play.

Video released by Showtime's Inside The NFL shows that it was head coach Doug Pederson who decided they would go for it on the fourth down.


However, it was Foles who suggested the trick play. It was an especially memorable choice as earlier in the game the Patriots had attempted a similar play with a pass to Tom Brady. Though, Brady did not make the catch.

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