Watch: LeBron James Completes One Of The Most Outrageous Moves You'll Ever See

Look at the image above. How in God's name does that play result in a LeBron James basket? But it does.

In an era of next big things, LeBron James has always cut through the clutter and is established as the greatest NBA player of his generation, or the generation before. Only Michael Jordan stands above him in the pantheon of greats, and even that's becoming a conversation in a way nobody ever dared dream.

His longevity, professionalism, physical domination, leadership, and his sheer will to win are what separates him from the rest, but one should never sleep on his skill, or his outrageousness.

A small moment last night summed it all up. In the grand scheme of things, it might not matter a whole lot. It was a mid season game for his Cleveland Cavaliers. They were hosting the Philadelphia 76ers. And it was the first quarter.

Then LeBron James picks up the ball, double teamed by two Sixers defenders. Somehow he manages to dribble the ball between the legs of his teammate Tristan Thompson (Mr. Khloe Kardashian to you) and collects the balls behind the befuddled Sixers players.


Not a bad finish either.

Or maybe he didn't mean it all. Maybe he got lucky. Isn't it weird how the same guys always get all the luck?

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