Watch: 12-Year-Old Katie Taylor Takes No Prisoners Among Lads' Soccer Match

Katie Taylor leads an exciting Irish charge of boxers into 2018. After a smooth transition to the pro game saw her claim and defend the world title her title defense is set to take place on home soil. She's proved again and again she's a no-nonsense boxer capable of trading on the inside or boxing from range. Now it seems her arsenal is not limited to just boxing as her tackling technique is equally ferocious.

While aggressive, Taylor's slide-tackling technique is not as refined as her punching ability. Footage has emerged of a young Katie Taylor imposing her presence on a football field back in 1998. A particular Twitter user paid homage by posting his unique interaction with the boxer.

Legend = @KatieTaylor for so many reasons, I have so much respect for you. Respect that dates back to 1998 & a cold Saturday morning, a young me & friends spot a girl in the opposition team, our first thought was 'handy one', thank you for kicking the respect into all of us.

Taylor confirmed that she could recall the incident, and that it wasn't an accident.


If one thing is for sure, there are few opponents who would look at Taylor now and consider her a 'handy one.'

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