14 Things We Learned From A Completely Random 1993 Question of Sport will be launching a very special competition in the next few days. It's the Sportsvision Song Contest. (That name might change!)

We're going to find out, once and for all, which of our favourite sports shows from Ireland, the UK, and America has the best theme tune. We have 32 entries, and they will be competing a single elimination tournament with you deciding on the winners from each round.

While trawling the internet for our bracket seedings, which will be released shortly, we came across many gems in the deepest, darkest recesses of YouTube.

One rabbit hole we fell down, which wasted at least three hours, was the fantastic array of old "A Question of Sport"  episodes that are available to watch. (Yes, the QOS music will be one of the entries in the Sportsvision Song Contest.)

There's a fantastic episode from 1993 in particular, which is worth a watch. Come back with us now to a simpler time, when men were men, jumpers were huge, and shirts were denim.


In 1993, there was no need for fancily written comedy intros

David Coleman gets straight into things. He knew how to start a show.

Gavin Hastings' jumper is fucking weird

The Scotland rugby captain turned up in some kind of oversized cricket jumper.


But it's not even white. It's either a weird brown oversized cricket jumper or it's about 25 years old.

Niall Quinn's a 90s dreamboat

That mullet, that shirt. Denim on denim. Big Niall had it all.


There was no studio audience

Accustomed as we are but gregarious laughter after the terrible dad jokes of Question of Sport panelists, it was jarring to me met with silence in the studio as David Coleman went onto the next question.

Colin Montgomerie was born 50 with a smug look on his face

1993 Niall Quinn was the shy and retiring type


The Question of Sport giggling and whispering is a long established tradition

We assumed it had been invented by gagsman extraordinaire Ally McCoist

Alan McLoughlin missed an absolute sitter in the the FA Semi final replay

Against Liverpool! Oh Alan!


Beefy Botham randomly mentions O'Brien's in Upper Leeson St.

Good pub.

John Barnes does a strip

Niall Quinn was devastated he couldn't get an obvious answer right


Seriously showing pain during the round trying to figure this out.

Nice to see them take it seriously. Throwing in "Vintage Crop" in the middle of it was fantastic too.

"What Happened Next" was a great round

I couldn't understand a word they were saying. Monty talking about the "angle of attack" to groans was brilliant, but then had it right and we were devastated.


Crap cross-sport jokes were even worse back then


Wait, there is a studio audience!

Where did they come from? Were they just not clapping any of the answers earlier on? They didn't even cheer poor John Barnes! They definitely weren't laughing at any of the crap jokes. Audiences have become far more polite in the 21st Century.

That's it from our random trip down memory lane. A reminder that Niall Quinn was always a national treasure, that David Coleman was the perfect tv sports presenter, and that Monty was always Monty.

If you have any other Question of Sport memories, please let us know in the comments.

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