This Football XI Challenge Shared By Jamie Carragher Is Driving People Mad

With the lack of live sport on at the minute, football nostalgia is all that is keeping us going. Whether it's watching old games, doing quizzes, or just generally reminiscing about the days when football was on TV a few days a week, we need to get our fix somehow.

Some interesting challenges have also popped up on social media, with one shared by Jamie Carragher perhaps the most difficult of the lot. He took to Twitter a couple of days age to tell his followers about a challenge he had been sent and it is damn near impossible.

You have to pick a team of 11 players using only ones you have watched in your lifetime, but there's a couple of rules.

First of all, you can only pick a maximum of one player from any given nation. Secondly, and this is the tough one, none of the players can have played for the same club. Talk about tricky.

Carragher's effort is a very good one.

Loads of people have attempted to put together their own teams, including Steven Gerrard. It's safe to say they were frustrated while doing it.


This writer also gave it a go, but is fully aware that he probably made a balls of it.

Have you given it a go? Send us in your efforts and we will rate let you know what we think.

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