Jamie Carragher Is Back With Another Team Selection Challenge

This is a great way to pass some time.

Jamie Carragher shared a football challenge a couple of weeks ago that was driving everybody mad, but it was good fun.

He wanted people to pick a team featuring players from 11 different countries, but none of them could have played for the same club team.

Now he's back with another one and it's even trickier. It's quite similar, except this time every player must have played in the Premier League.

So it's 11 players, each from different countries. None of them can have played in for the same club in the Premier League era.

This was Carragher's effort:


Paul McGrath also played for Manchester United, but it presumably does not count here because it was not in the Premier League era.

Plenty of people of have responded with their own efforts.

Not bad efforts.

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