Man United To Shake Up Backroom Team In Effort To 'Help' Ed Woodward

There's a shake-up coming at Old Trafford as 'help' is arriving for Ed Woodward. The former investment banker with JP Morgan has become a whipping boy with the United support since replacing David Gill in 2013.

United's confused recruitment policy then has been uninspired and of a piece with the management on the football end of things.

The Sun report that Woodward jetted out to America to meet with Peter Cowgill, the executive chairman of JD Sports.


Cowgill is well got with the royalty within the club. He is a personal friend of both Alex Ferguson and David Gill. The men who steered the ship when all was well.

It is presumed that the potential arrival of Cowgill will see Woodward step back and focus on the club's 'non-football commercial activities', a realm in which he would appear to be more comfortable.

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