Watch: Harry Redknapp's Advert For GAME Is Why 'Black Friday' Must Die

In America, Black Friday exists because the nation has the day off and thus has the time to shop around for holiday deals, which unfortunately results in some of the most embarrassing behaviour the human race has ever seen as people have actually lost their lives in a frenzied rush for discounted electronics.

Over here in Europe, Black Friday exists for no good reason. Shops and companies will knock 10% off their products and expect people to lose their minds because they saw a video of a stampede on YouTube, and a great deal of fuss is made over absolutely nothing.

Aside from marginal savings on gigantic televisions and whatever new Amazon gadget they want to have actively listening in your living room, there is no purpose to the day other than to allow marketers to annoy us with some absolutely baffling shite, and in that regard GAME have taken the cake this year.

Harry Redknapp has been asked to help sell some gaming consoles in perhaps the most mis-matched partnership ever seen. Have a look at his monstrosity:

And if that wasn't worse, check out Hazza with the sick Sonic the Hedgehog reference on his Twitter that he definitely knows how to use and operates himself.


No. No more.

End Black Friday forever. Needless consumerism and Harry Redknapp being paid to talk out of a car window? No. No more.

'On it like Sonic'. Sweet Jesus.

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