Here's Where To Find The New Soccer Pitch In Fortnite: Battle Royale

Love football? Love Fortnite? Wondering where is the soccer pitch in Fortnite and where is the soccer stadium in Fortnite? Wonder no more because we've got just the guide for you. With the new update in season 5, they've added a new football pitch to the Fortnite map and here's where you can find it and have a bit of fun.

Where is the soccer stadium in Fortnite?

There is now a whole soccer stadium to the north of Pleasant Park. This replaced an old housing estate ruins, which I have to say I was a big fan of as it was a quiet place to land but still had plenty of loot. There is no explanation as to why they decided to introduce the soccer pitch into the game but one would presume it done to coincide with the start of the 2018 World Cup.

The stadium is packed with chests underneath the stands and plenty of loot to start your game off well. It also is a great place for harvesting materials that you can either keep or use in the vending machine that usually spawns under the north stand.

Where is the soccer pitch in Fortnite?


Of course there already was a pitch in Fortnite in terms of the indoor soccer pitch hidden on a school grounds out on the west side of the map.

(From January 2018 article)

Elsewhere there have been lots of other cool new locations and features added today and it's going to be absolute mayhem all along the west coast for the next few days. So you'd better be ready for a battle or two. Make sure to check out our other article on where to find the underground mine in the new Fortnite update, yet another great new spot to try find some extra loot.

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