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Lad Hacks: 5 Unbelievable Things You Can Do With An Egg This Weekend

The world changes more and more by the day but the egg remains an indispensable part of Western civilization.Β  For a fragile little thing that comes out of a chicken, the egg is incredibly versatile and nourishing. And in the age of the internet, there really is no excuse for eating overcooked fried eggs with film around the edges.

We watched the following viral video from Tasty featuring five implausible egg tricks. Most involve microwaves but there are some massive takeaways that will change how you approach eggs.

Skip the last three but allow us to repeat the first two:

  1. Put a hard boiled egg in a container of water, shake it and watch the shell shake off (fuck yeah, there's nothing worse than little shards of eggshell in your mouth when you're trying to eat a hardboiled egg)
  2. Break an egg into half a mug of water, cover it, microwave for a minute and get a poached egg (holy shit - poached eggs have finally been made easy)

I'm not saying this video will change your life, but don't look now, you can poach an egg in a minute.. Revolutionise your breakfasts this weekend.

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