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Two Dublin Institutions: Conor McGregor Goes To Funderland

If you don't know, Funderland is a Christmas tradition in Dublin. For over 40 years, the RDS turns into a Fairground and big and little kids around the city come down to eat some candy floss and go on some vomit inducing rides.

Usually the tradition includes forgetting to go and realising that your time has run out and Funderland is gone for another year. This year, it closes next Sunday, the 14th, but it appears potential visitors yesterday may have been disappointed, as none other than Conor McGregor had the place shut down last night to enjoy a night out with family and friends.

McGregor wore the world's most ridiculous tracksuit, and brough Conor Jnr. around the splendor of the RDS in January.

We imagine this cost Conor a small fortune, so hopefully he enjoyed it.

Conor McGregor Funderland

The Entourage. Royalty has arrived at Funderland.


Deciding what to do first. Is The Waltzer still there?

What is going on with that tracksuit?

A touching moment with a new fan


The Obligatory 99

What would Funderland be without a 99 in January? No flake though?

Showing the young man a Dublin institution

A Bentley tricycle?

Expect to see a lot more loud colourful tracksuits around Dublin from now on. It doens't matter that it looks like a dodgy Chelsea away jersey from 1991, it's Conor Style.

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