8 Great Features Added To The New Season Of Fortnite

The Fortnite new season has officially launched today, with a tonne of excitement about all the new bits and bobs that have been added. Unfortunately the first attempt to launch the season has had a few bugs so the game was taken offline again but once it's back up and running here's what you can expect to find in Fortnite Season 3.

1. Season 3 Battle Pass Gear

With Season 3 Battle Pass there a whole range of new outfits, including the spaceman and a very dapper black suit. You'll also find some new dances and of course a few pimped out axes.

2. Massive new improvements to building, including auto cycle to different material

This is a big one. The building mode will now work much better and most importantly, when you're in the middle of buildling something and you run out of material, it will auto-jump to the next available resource in your materials.


You can also build through obstacles and auto build the next section of your building by just holding down the fire button continuously. Literally game-changing.

3. New Hand Cannon gun

Another new gun to feed some unsuspecting victims to. The hand cannon looks like a pistol but definitely packs a much bigger punch. It takes heavy ammo and has both rare and legendary rarity.


4. The end of the double pump

RIP to the double pump tactic. Many people have been skating around the fact that a pump shotgun takes so long to reload by packing two pumps and quickly cycling between the two. This won't work any more because it will require you to reload the gun once you switch back.

5. New music

There will be new music throughout the game so it shouldn't sound like jungle tunes when you are getting ready to jump off the bus. The new score was put together by Marco Beltrami and it should be class.

6. See the map when spectating


One of the little annoying things about the game, especially when playing squads, was not being able to bring up the full screen map when spectating. This has been changed now so that even if you've been killed you can bring up the map when spectating to see how far your squad has to go to get out of the storm.

7. Battle bus path

You can now see the path of where the battle bus is headed when you bring up the map. That should help a little in knowing exactly what it's going to fly over but more importantly you can also now see that path when waiting in loading depot, before the bus launches.

8. Check weapon ammo before picking up

The last update we found interesting is that you will now be able to see the amount of ammo left in a weapon before you pick it up. It will display in the tooltip when they're on the ground.

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