Announcing The Fourth And Final Member Of Cork's Mount Rushmore

Sonia O'Sullivan

Winning majority: 49%

Cork credentials: honed her skills running betwen Cobh lampposts, pub challenge from Stephen Ireland's father Coochie Ireland was pivotal in her development as a runner, has her own statue in Cobh, Mardyke track named in her honour

Biggest Cork achievement: holder of four records - the mile, 2000m, 3000, and 2 mile - at Cork City Sports.


Cork in her own words: “I’ve always considered it home — I was talking to my mother this morning and I said ‘I’ll be home later’. And that will always be the case, Cobh will always be home for me, regardless of where I live, I don’t think that will ever change. It’s one of the things you grow up with in Ireland, being proud of where you come from — I’m from Cobh, from Cork, and then Ireland is the bigger picture."

Donny Mahoney

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