Justin Gatlin's Quality Response To Bolt's Segway Trip

Justin Gatlin's Quality Response To Bolt's Segway Trip

It was the moment that the athletics world held their collective breathes as a Chinese cameraman on a segway lost control and managed to take out the world's most famous sprinter in Usain Bolt. The pain and look of dread on his face as it happens in slow motion is priceless.

Luckily Bolt came through it with nothing more than a scrape, and after defending his World Champions 200m crown, was able to joke about it afterwards in a press conference saying:

The rumour I’m trying to start right now is that Justin Gatlin paid him off.

To his credit, the much maligned Gatlin played the incident off brilliantly with his response:

I want my money back. He didn’t complete the job.

Well played Justin, well played.


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