Startling Claims Made About Mo Farah's Build-Up To The 2012 Olympics

Startling Claims Made About Mo Farah's Build-Up To The 2012 Olympics

Double Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah reportedly missed two drug tests in the build-up to the London 2012 games.

Farah won both the 5,000m and 10,000m events three years ago.

The claims are being made by the Daily Mail and come following doping allegations made against Farah's coach Alberto Salazar in a recent BBC documentary.

Matt Lawton in the Mail writes that the first missed test happened in early 2010, six months before he broke the British 5,000m record. It was also before Salazar began coaching Farah.

The second test happened sometime after Farah and Salazar began working together. Farah's excuse for missing the test, which was supposed to take place at his home, was that he did not hear the doorbell.


The runner's agent went as far as to submit video evidence which supposedly showed how hard it was to hear the doorbell from a bedroom in the house.

The evidence was dismissed and UK anti-doping lawyers told Farah's legal team that though he did not intend to miss the test, "it is clearly his own fault that he did".

At the time, a third missed test within an 18-month period could have meant a four-year ban (this rule has since been relaxed to 12 months). This lead to Salazar warning Farah "If you miss another test, they will hang you".

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