World 100m Champion Justin Gatlin At The Centre Of New Doping Scandal

World 100m Champion Justin Gatlin At The Centre Of New Doping Scandal

The world 100m champion, Justin Gatlin, is at the centre of a new doping scandal.

Gatlin won the world championship gold earlier this year at London 2017 in what was Usian Bolt's farewell race. He is now at the centre of a doping storm after members of his team were busted in a Telegraph report offering to supply performance-enhancing drugs for a fee.

The man in question offered to provide false prescriptions and to smuggle the substances into the United States of America. Gatlin's coach was Former American Olympic champion Dennis Mitchell, who was with athletics agent Robert Wagner when they offered the drug testosterone and human-growth hormone to an 'actor' who claimed he was preparing for a movie. Gatland has since sacked the coach.

The IAAF president, Seb Coe, told the paper:


These allegations are extremely serious and I know the Independent Athletics Integrity Unit will investigate in accordance with its mandate.

Gatlin has previously served two doping bans. In 2001, Gatlin was banned from international competition for two years after testing positive for amphetamines. In 2006, Gatlin once again failed a test. He was then coached by Trevor Graham and was the eighth Graham athlete who tested positive. Gatlin initially accepted an eight-year ban and avoided a lifetime suspension. A year later he appealed his sentence and had it reduced to four years.

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