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Watch: Cora Staunton Tears It Up On Her AFL Debut

Watch: Cora Staunton Tears It Up On Her AFL Debut

Having dawdled in Ireland to kick Carnacon to a Connacht title, Staunton has now started her sojourn with the Greater Western Sydney Giants.

Her debut game was today, and in characteristically prodigious fashion, she dazzled in a practice match against the Brisbane Lions.

The Giants coasted to a 50-point victory, with Staunton kicking two goals.

Fair to say her new side were impressed:

After the game, Staunton reflected on her debut with the club's media team:


It was very tough. It’s a lot different to what I expected. It’s more physical and I probably wouldn’t be as used to that at home.

There are plenty of things to work on, plenty of mistakes, but I enjoyed it.

The second of Staunton's goals came courtesy of her left foot, and she was mobbed by her teammates after kicking it:

We wouldn’t really celebrate many goals. We obviously celebrate at the end of the match, but it was lovely.

It was nice to kick one off the left. I was getting a bit of a slagging off some of the Brisbane girls about my kick, so it was nice to put that one over...I don’t know if there will be too many for the rest of the year.

Staunton's individual highlights are spliced together with the interview below:

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