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Zach Tuohy Absolutely Rinses Interviewer After Helping Geelong To AFL Grand Final

Zach Tuohy Absolutely Rinses Interviewer After Helping Geelong To AFL Grand Final

Geelong Cats are back in the AFL Grand Final for the first time since 2011, after storming home against the Brisbane Lions in their preliminary final this morning. It was the Cats' fifth appearance in the preliminary final since they last reached the Grand Final nine years ago, but any worries that it would be five defeats in a row were firmly put to bed with a 82-42 victory.

Irish players, Zach Tuohy and Mark O'Connor both played integral roles, with Tuohy's fourth quarter goal all but ending the game as a contest and rounding off a great personal performance.

As good as his on-field performance was, his post-match interview was when he really peaked. The interviewer asked the 'Portlaoise' man: "Tell us what the scenes will be like in Portaloosh, in Ireland, your home town. Mum and dad, do they get to stream the games? They're able to get it in real time?"


Tuohy responded:

'Portaloosh,' can they get it in real time? Yea, they've got internet and stuff like.

Get it in real time? I think the carrier pigeons have to get there with the score. Yea, they get in real time. It's 'Portlaoise' FYI as well. People back at home will give out if I don't correct you. 'Leash' like a dog leash.

He added: "Yea they're all watching it. All my friends and family are watching it. Under normal circumstances I'd probably have some of family here but they're obviously all a great support for me."

The Cats will now face Richmond Tigers, the defending champions, in next weekend's Grand Final.

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