15-Year Old LeBron James Jr. Earns Dramatic Win Against Father's Former School

15-Year Old LeBron James Jr. Earns Dramatic Win Against Father's Former School

After an injury plagued 2018/19 season that saw his team miss the playoffs for the first time since his rookie year, many felt LeBron James' time at the top of the NBA mountain was coming to an end. As it turns out, reports of his demise were greatly exaggerated.

Buoyed by the Lakers' addition of Anthony Davis over the summer, the pairing of James and David has dragged the California side to the league's best record thus far. Their 23-3 mark is the franchise's start in 34 years.

At 34-years old, LeBron still looks to have a few years left in the tank. What's scarier, there is another member of his family ready to take the league by storm in the future.

LeBron James Jr., usually referred to as 'Bronny', has been forging a huge reputation in his own right in recent times. At only 15-years old he is considered to be amongst the top high school prospects in the country.

He is currently in his freshman year at California's Sierra Canyon High School and is already dominating at the national level.

Last night Sierra Canyon were playing on the national stage. Coincidentally, their game would be against St. Vincent-St. Mary, the same Ohio school where LeBron James first made his name in the early 00s.

Bronny would go on to dominate the game. He would finish with a season high 15 points, producing a clutch steal and go ahead basket in the final minute on his way to being named game MVP. LeBron senior was in attendance and he certainly enjoyed the spectacle.


Those watching the game couldn't help but feel we are witnessing the continuation of a dynasty.


After the game, LeBron joined his son on the court in celebration.

Bronny James is already considered a major NBA prospect. With the league likely to abolish the 'one and done' system for draft eligibility over the next couple of years, he could enter the league after his senior season in high school.

This means he could be in the NBA as soon as the 2023/24 season. LeBron has said in the past that he would like to stick around long enough to share the floor with his son, laying out the plan on the Tim Ferriss Show in 2018:

I would love to see the floor with my son. My son is in the eighth grade now, if he continues on the path that he's on right now, he could possibly be in the NBA in five or six years.

That would be an unbelievable moment not only for myself but for my family, for everybody. So we'll see. Obviously taking care of the body is number one, and we'll continue to do that.

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