'Hated' NY Knicks Billionaire Owner To Headline Concert In Dublin

'Hated' NY Knicks Billionaire Owner To Headline Concert In Dublin

The infinitesimally small group of Irish people who follow the NBA and middle-of-the-road blues/Americana were intrigued by an announcement today by MCD Productions that JD and the Straight Shot will headline Whelan's on July 7.

The frontman of the band and 'JD' in question is one James Dolan, the owner of one of the most storied and most pained franchises in US sports, the New York Knicks. The Knicks have been the punchline of so many American sports jokes over the past 15 years and Dolan, as owner of the team, has become one of the biggest villains in New York sports in Gotham because of the perception amongst pretty much all of their fans that the Knicks have been woefully-run for most of the 21st century.

When he's not running sports franchises, Dolan fronts JD and the Straight Shot. The New York Post has described his vocal stylings as "reminiscent of Tom Waits and Randy Newman". The band played Ireland in 2016.


Forbes list Dolan's net worth at $1.5billion.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning.

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