'What She's Come Back With Is Very Disrespectful Towards Me'

'What She's Come Back With Is Very Disrespectful Towards Me'

Amy Broadhurst says that she read with interest an interview which Kellie Harrington gave to the media last week.

Harrington said she was annoyed by Broadhurst stating that she had agreed to take a step back from the 60kg division, allowing the lightweight world champion to go forth unopposed in the Olympic weight category. Broadhurst stepped up to 64kg which is not an Olympic weight.

Harrington felt that Broadhurst's remarks "belittled" her and that the real reason the Dundalk boxer was not fighting at lightweight was because "she didn't have the balls to step up and take the chance herself."

"To be honest with you, I didn't mean to belittle her in what I had said; there was no intention of being disrespectful to her," Broadhurst told LMFM's Sunday Sport.

I think what she's come back with is very disrespectful towards me, saying I didn't have the balls because I was 20-years-old when I first stepped into the ring with her.

She beat me fair and square but I was still able to show that I'm able to put it up to her. I think she forgets that I was so young at the time. I've went and got experience and this year I'll grab the experience as well.

Broadhurst said that if Harrington does not qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games via the World Championships later this year, then she will make the move from 64kg to 60kg to challenge for a spot in Tokyo.

"Come November, if she doesn't qualify, we'll see who has the balls," declared Broadhurst.


She also added that there was 'hypocritical' element to Harrington's comments given how long she had spent behind Katie Taylor in the lightweight pecking order.

"To be honest with you, she's a bit of a hypocrite, she's done the exact same and understands my situation. She was in my position before but she was in it a lot longer - she was in it for seven or eight years.

"She turned around and said that she didn't have the confidence [to fight Katie Taylor]. She's just done what I've done, she's just stepped back and didn't want to take the chance."

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