Bahraini Sports Promotion Company Cuts Ties To Daniel Kinahan

Bahraini Sports Promotion Company Cuts Ties To Daniel Kinahan

Daniel Kinahan's rapid ascendancy in the world of sport promotion caught many aback.

One of Kinahan's most high-profile new jobs came in May when he was  named special advisor to KHK Sports, an organisation that handles combat sport promotion in Bahrain and is run by Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the fifth son of the king of Bahrain. Sport promotion in the Middle East is incredibly lucrative and it seemed Kinahan was emerging a global player in the industry.

In a statement released by his own company MTK at the time, Kinahan wrote:

“This is a monumental move for KHK Sports and MTK Global. Both organisations have been making substantial waves in the international combats sports landscape and combined, the sky is the limit in what they can achieve.

“The only way for the sport to truly grow and be accessible to all, is to make it a truly global sport and this partnership will ensure that boxing is accessible to all in the Middle East and open the region to international opportunities.”

But today, it's been revealed that KHK has 'discontinued engagement' with Kinahan.

Their statement read:


"KHK is a global sports media property dedicated to the development in sports from the grass-roots level.

“KHK Sports confirms it has discontinued engagement with Daniel Kinahan and he is no longer an adviser to KHK.

“KHK is known for its contributions to the sports industry and is renowned and well-respected for its integrity and deep-rooted principles in the sports industry.”

The announcement comes after Kinahan was discussed in the Dáil last week by Taoiseach and other TDs.

Details on the Joshua-Fury fight(s) that Tyson Fury promised last week remain pending.

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Donny Mahoney

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