Billy Walsh Has Had Some Revealing Things To Say About His Contract Dispute

Billy Walsh Has Had Some Revealing Things To Say About His Contract Dispute

Billy Walsh, arguably Ireland's most successful ever sports coach, spoke to Newstalk's Business Breakfast this morning about leadership and the lessons that businesses can learn from high performance sport. The interview comes after weeks of controversy regarding Walsh's contract dispute with the IABA. Walsh's contract is still up for renewal with athletes and fans alike desperate for him to stay amid reported interest from the USA.

When asked if part of being a good leader was knowing when to walk away, he responded:

I think that's key to all good leaders, they know where their time is up. They know when it's time to move on.

For their own motivation, sometimes you need you need a stimulus as well, you might want a bigger challenges or greater challenges. Knowing that time is key.

Or they're in a position where they can do this standing this on their head, it's easy, it's too easy maybe, I need to go for bigger challenges.

These comments seem quite ominous but there was a silver lining. When asked if he would like to stay for the Rio Olympics next summer, Walsh replied:

I would like that to happen, yes.


So we're taking that to mean there is still hope that Billy Walsh will stay and build on the incredible success that Irish boxers have achieved at recent Olympic games.

Walsh's comments come in advance of the Bord Gais Energy Leadership Conference at the Aviva Stadium which kicks off this Thursday and at which Walsh is scheduled to partake.


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