Reports: Conor McGregor 'In Talks' About Rematch With Mayweather

Reports: Conor McGregor 'In Talks' About Rematch With Mayweather

A fight that captured the imagination (for better or worse) in a significant way, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are reportedly 'in talks' about a potential rematch.

In August 2017, the two went toe-to-toe in a bout that was an incredible commercial success. Although Mayweather took the spoils on the night, in terms of money earned, both the undefeated boxer and the mixed-martial arts star were both winners on the night.

According to Mayweather's father, the world could be set for a rematch. Speaking to Helen Yee SportsMayweather Sr. 'talks' are already underway:

They are talking like Floyd and Conor McGregor are going to fight. That's what it sounds like. I don't know for sure but I'm just saying the way things are sounding to me.

Sounds like my son wants to fight again.

It is is difficult to imagine that such a rematch could command an ounce of the appeal that the first bout demanded.

Furthermore, after a lengthy absence from the UFC, McGregor is set for a return with his fight against  Khabib Nurmagomedov set for UFC 229 in early October.


Yet, discussing the sensation that McGregor and Mayweather could be set for a reunion in the ring, Mayweather's father provided apparent detail of the tone the conversation had taken:

I think they are going to fight the same way [boxing rules]. I think that Conor McGregor wants to get that win back ... which is never coming back to him anyway.

It's being talked about and it sounds like there is a lot of interest in it right now.

After the last bout between the pair only served to highlight the disparity in quality that clearly separated both fighters, it is difficult to believe that either man feels a rematch could be sold.

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