'She Deserves To Win' - Persoon Has No Problem With Taylor Victory

'She Deserves To Win' - Persoon Has No Problem With Taylor Victory

Delfine Persoon said that Katie Taylor "deserved" her victory in their lightweight world title fight at Matchroom headquarters on Saturday night.

Just like the first fight last year, the bout was decided by the judges. Taylor won by unanimous decision 98-93, 96-94 and 96-94. The Belgian had hotly contested last year's majority decision result.

"This time I respect the result," Persoon told Sky Sports.

"For me, this time, the weight was too much. After March, I weighed 57kg. I eat, eat, eat but didn’t have the power to hurt her. I could not hurt her. And if you can’t hurt her, she is technical, she's good and runs around. You have to hurt her, otherwise she is away. This time, I didn't have enough power.

“It's my respect. She deserves this time to win. I’ve got no problem.

"In the second round, I broke my nose. It was eight rounds boxing with my nose. Super-feather is my weight, not lightweight."


In the build-up to Saturday, due to doubts about her original victory over Persoon, Taylor said she felt as though that fight was 'hanging over her'. That feeling is now gone after what she called a "convincing" win.

"I don't have to think about this fight any more," Taylor told the Matchroom YouTube channel.

"I got a clear victory tonight and I'm able to move on to better things. Two fantastic fights against Delfine, it was great for women's boxing.

"I was obviously scheduled to fight [Amanda] Serrano for this fight but hopefully it can be made again. I fought Jessica McCaskill before, that would a great fight for the undisputed welterweight title. There are plenty of options out there for me and every single fight is a huge fight."

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