Irishman Furious With Decision After Controversial World Title Fight Defeat

Irishman Furious With Decision After Controversial World Title Fight Defeat

Dennis Hogan controversially lost his WBO Super Welterweight title bout against Mexican Jaime Munguia in Monterrey on Saturday night.

The fight went the full 12 rounds with Munguia being handed the victory by majority decision - 116-112, 115-113 and 114-114.

The decision was hugely contentious with many - including the Mexican TV broadcaster - scoring the fight in favour of the Kildare-born, Brisbane-based boxer.


"I knew I won the fight," Hogan said in the ring afterward.

I knew it in my heart and soul. It's so disappointing to train as hard as I did and for this to happen.

We came here on good faith. No disrespect to anyone here - apart from the people who scored it and allowed this decision to go through.

Everybody knows [that I won]. This is bad for boxing. It's bad for me.

They just tried to take my family’s future away and I’ll fucking fight hard to get it back again.

The stadium absolutely went dead after the decision. I couldn't believe my ears. I looked down and Chavez and all the commentators just sat there quiet and I knew I'd been ripped.

I'm going to win that world title. I'm telling you, I am the world champion in here. It's only a matter of time before it shows up on here.

Munguia said that though he believed that he clearly won the fight, he would be willing to offer Hogan a rematch in Australia

"I was always attacking and connected with the harder shots, but if he wants the rematch, we’ll give it to him and even in Australia!" said the Mexican.

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